Network for Young Nordic Neutron Scatterers (NYNNeS) - Yearly meeting 2017 in Uppsala

NYNNeS is a network representing the next generation of neutron research leaders in the Nordic/Baltic region. The vision is to enable young, active neutron scientists to establish and grow new groups. The main objective of NYNNeS is to be a strategic network in the lead-up to ESS, to increase competence within the Nordic/Baltic region. This will be achieved by facilitating career path opportunities by enhancing awareness and promoting stronger overall Nordic/Baltic collaboration on the implementation and development of neutron scattering. This will expand the user base and prevent the loss of specialised competence in the Nordic countries. 


The meeting will take place on Friday, October 6, in the afternoon. Starting with lunch at 13:00 hrs and ending with dinner at 19:00 hrs. The detailed program can be found here


Please register by using this link. The registration deadline is midnight the 11th of September.

NOTE: The first 10 student participants to register who are travelling from outside Uppsala will have their travel and accommodation arranged and paid for by NYNNeS. These 10 students will be notified by mail on the 11th of September.


The yearly meeting will take place at the Ångström Laboratory at Uppsala University in Uppsala. More specific in room Å 80127. (You can find the exact location of the lecture room by using the MazeMap link.)

The Ångström Laboratory is located south of central downtown Uppsala (see Google Maps) and is well connected with buses: From the Central Station you can take bus number 4 from bus stop B4 (marked "Ultuna"/"Gottsunda"). It leaves every 5-10 minutes and stops right outside the Ångström Lab at bus stop “Polacksbacken”. (Find out when the next bus is leaving on the UL website.) 

Other alternative buses are bus number 8 towards “Sunnersta” or bus number 3 towards “Gottsunda”, and get off at bus stop “Grindstugan”, which is within a short walking distance from the venue. 


There are plenty of hotels in Uppsala. Here are a couple of suggestions:

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This meeting is supported by NordForsk.