The SNSS Seminar Series is starting with "Neutron Imaging" theme on 17 November


The Swedish neutron scattering society (SNSS) is starting a seminar series on different topics. The plan is to have two hours of presentations every third month and address areas of research, which are expected to be possible as soon as the ESS starts. The first seminar will be on neutron imaging and take place on 17 November, between the hrs of 13:00 and 15:00. The program and abstracts are attached below. 

With the upcoming opening of the ESS, this is an exciting time to be involved in neutron research in Sweden. SNSS aim to strengthen the community by fostering new collaborations and showcasing the excellent science already taking place. The seminar series will focus on the science facilitated by the first ESS beamlines, to highlight the existing strengths with the national and international communities and initiate collaborations for the future.

On 17 November at 13:00 hrs the first seminar theme is "Neutron Imaging". The programme will include a brief introduction to the technique including an outlook of ongoing and future developments, followed by scientific presentations from the fields of bone imaging, engineering (microstructure variations) and archaeology. 

The seminar include: 

  • "An introduction to Neutron Imaging with a focus on Geomechanics"  by Alessandro Tengattini (Università Grenoble-Alpes / ILL)
  • "Dual modality neutron and X-ray tomography data from skeletal tissues with a metallic implant" by Elin Törnquist (Division of Biomechanics, Lund University)
  • "Revealing localized microstructure and temperature variations by wavelength selective neutron imaging" by Robin Woracek (ESS)
  • "Neutron imaging and applications in archaeology" by Anna Fedrigo (STFC, ISIS Neutron and Muon Source)

Find more information and a link to register on the SNSS website

See pdf for detailed program and abstracts.

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